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We are Virtual Assistants.

What does that mean?

We’re problem-solvers.
We’re the backbone of the businesses we support.
We’re responsible, detail-oriented, and loyal.
We help visionaries get their message out into the world.
We know our shit.

I’ve been assisting CEOs and managing teams for over 20 years. I used to wonder how in the hell I could ever make a business of it; back then (in the stone age!), there wasn’t such a thing as a VA. An assistant or manager had to be in-person, at least 40hrs/wk (more like 50+), and forget working from home.

Thankfully: introducing ONLINE BUSINESS and remote support!

We’re now able to work with top business owners and rainmakers around the world, from our homes, in our PJs if we feel like it. We don’t even have to put on pants – how great is that?! (Ok really, I actually recommend putting on pants – holding on to some aspects of the 9-5 can be really helpful.)

So what now?

Scenario #1:

You have a ton of experience assisting, managing, maybe running an eCommerce platform and sending marketing emails at the company you work for. But how are you going to turn this into a viable business, supporting you 100%?

Scenario #2:

You’ve started your business, and have had success growing your client roster. YAY!
But you’re already burned out, maybe working for free because you don’t yet know how to quote, and it’s unclear what to say yes to and what needs a flat out “no.”
As support people, we’re not used to saying NO –

– and it can be a reflex to just agree to anything and make it happen. That’s not going to work as a business owner.
The worst is when your client is new to this level of support and questions the amount of work you agreed to, adds more hours, then decides they want to question their invoice when it comes due.


I’m here to help.
I’ve been in business for five years, and I’ve made pretty much every mistake you can as a Virtual Assistant. I’ve lost money, and I’ve worked for free countless hours because I didn’t know how to properly assess what a client needed and how my skills fit (or didn’t) into what they wanted.

Give me 20 minutes for this FREE, no email required, training and I’ll share some quick tips that jump-started my business and led to explosive growth! *Click below to watch!*

I’ve also probably been guilty of every known bad hiring practice in this industry.
When in corporate offices, I prided myself on being pretty decent at hiring. I usually had a sense of the person’s work ethic and could spot red flags a mile away. Once I went remote…

…let’s just say my practices didn’t line up with how a VA business should be run. Your friend who is great at doing all the things may not be cut out to work as a VA, or even work remotely at all. Your neighbor’s son who is a social media king (or queen) is likely not the person you want handling your client’s presence on the internet.

ARE YOU READY for professional support, from the Founder of a successful Virtual Assistant business, with f*loads of experience and a seasoned coaching style that will help you break out from the level you’re at currently, and blow away the competition (and there’s a LOT of competition right now)? Click below for a 20min FREE training to get you started or provide tips for your existing business, from a Pro VA!

\Are you making easy-to-fix mistakes?

Are you showing up as a novice?

Are you over-committing and losing money because of it?

Is it time to staaaaahp and regroup?

And yeah – while I know how to build a funnel, follow up, and create an awesome sequence – I won’t do that to you. I respect your privacy and will never, ever spam you (or share your info in any way).

We are all in this together! Let’s grow your beautiful VA business!

michelle caggiano“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mazzy. She hired (and managed) me back when I worked in the publishing industry and it was her referral that transitioned me away from publishing and into the world of online marketing, years after she left the company to start her own business. I have worked on and off for Mazzy for the greater part of the last decade, most recently as a Virtual Assistant for MazVirtual, and have learned a TON from her over the years!”

–Michelle Caggiano
Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant

“I’ve had the utmost pleasure of working with (and for) Mazzy for the last four years. I’ve been in the administrative field for the last 12 years, but virtual administration is a whole new world. Mazzy has taken me under her wing and has shown me all the loopholes that are critical for becoming a great online assistant. Her patience comes with her calmness and confidence of training teams, managing clients, and strategizing support. One thing I’ve learned from experience of working with MazVirtual is that communication is the number #1 key to creating and keeping your client interactions. Being a part of MazVirtual, I’ve had the opportunity to support a vast background of the workforce; from doctors, to coaches, to writers, to consultants (entrepreneurs of all varieties). Mazzy has not only helped me to grow as a virtual assistant, but as a person as well because of the experiences and interactions I have had with our clientele. If you are wanting to learn a little piece of the online world, or the bigger pieces too, Mazzy is your go to gal for coaching, whether it comes to support, strategy or software!”

-Sarah Liberatore
Virtual Executive Assistant

chelsea brookshire“Mazzy is a dedicated and supportive mentor and coach. I had the pleasure of being one of Mazzy’s contractors for two years. During that time Mazzy taught me everything I needed to know about being a virtual assistant. Not only was she always there for me when I had questions, but she also gave me great ideas and constructive criticism on how I could better myself. She gave me all of the tools and resources I needed to start my own virtual assistant business. I am confident that she will help you excel in your next adventure! ”

–Chelsea Brookshire
Virtual Executive Assistant

julia goodwin“There are few words that can capture the absolute wondrousness that is the one, the only, Mazzy Orban of MazVirtual. Like a sparkly unicorn at the end of a rainbow, a shimmering waterfall at the end of the trail, or that feeling can only get from a new pair of socks, Mazzy is the ultimate find! All things virtual, she’s the one in a million, and I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. If you’re looking for an informative, patient, and highly skilled virtual assistance trainer/educator/mentor, she’s the best and worth every penny! Your training will pay for itself in happy clients. Not only did I learn more about virtual assistance as a whole and how to offer stellar services, Mazzy also highlighted for me what it means to be a virtual assistant for myself. As a result of the studying with Mazzy, I’ve been able to carve out a sustainable and satisfying virtual assistance career. Her depth of expertise covers all of the bases (sales funnels, integrations, blog/social, client services, marketing, systems, CRM/database management and solutions, and more!), and I never once had a topic, question, or task that she could not offer great guidance on. The proof is in the pudding (and who doesn’t like pudding?). If you want to take your virtual assistance to the next level, work with Maz. Get your tickets now, to the best VA show on earth. You won’t regret it!”

– Julia Goodwin
Founder, Goodwin Integrity